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Down Cows

There are many causes of down cows. Identification of the issue is key for treatment. These can include calving paralysis, metabolic diseases (milk fever, low potassium, low phosphorus, grass staggers), infections, gut diseases and injuries. Metabolic diseases can be prevented with an accurately dosed mineral program.

MineralBoost CLASSIC

MineralBoost Classic is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium and sodium.

MineralBoost has been specifically designed to overcome well known mineral deficiencies of supplementary feed and therefore maximise the nutritional value of your PKE, meal blends, silages and grain feeds – enabling you to turn good feed into great feed.


Down Cows | Early Lactation | Milk Fever | Production Gains | Sodium Deficiency | Summer Heat Stress

MineralBoost MAX

MineralBoost Max contains all the benefits of MineralBoost Classic with the added advantage of Rumensin® and Bioplex® High Five – the five essential minerals for reduced somatic cells, healthy reproduction and high production in early lactation.

Bioplex® HighFive is a combined blend of Bioplex® Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and Sel-Plex® selenium. This pack is a specific formulation for New Zealand farms, designed to boost mineral status within the cow for fertility, milk quality and hoof integrity.


Bloat | Coccidiosis | Copper Deficiency | Down Cows | Early Lactation | High Empty Rate | Ketosis | Lameness | Maximising Peak Lactation | Production Gains | Reproduction | Sodium Deficiency | Trace Elements

MineralBoost PLUS

MineralBoost Plus is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorous. When added to an animal’s diet, MineralBoost will maximise production and liveweight gain whilst also safe guarding against metabolic disorders.

Each and every granule of MineralBoost has the exact ratio of the materials required within the formulation. Granules are easy to measure and blend. Salt in each granule means its palatable for animals. Accuracy counts.


Copper Deficiency | Down Cows | Early Lactation | High Empty Rate | Lameness | Milk Fever | Maximising Peak Lactation | Phosphorous Deficiency | Reproduction | Trace Elements


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