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MineralBoost is designed to be added to animal feed. MineralBoost overcomes mineral deficiencies and delivers feed additives and/or medicines in a highly accurate and cost effective manner. Adding MineralBoost to feed means there is no longer requirement to pasture dust, water treatment, mineral drenching or have lick blocks. Farming just got a little simpler.

What is MineralBoost?

MineralBoost a patented rumen dispersible granule containing high quality ultra-fine calcium, magnesium and sodium (salt). MineralBoost granules can also include feed additives and medications where required. The granule technology offers user simplicity by containing all ingredients in granules, no measuring or powder blending required. Safety is achieved by MineralBoost’s leading QA protocols and the accuracy of delivery to the animal. Safeguarding animals from metabolic disorders, maximising production and medicating via feed has never been easier. Ask your feed company to add MineralBoost or have it delivered on farm in bags.

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What sets MineralBoost apart?

MineralBoost is a granular product formed from ultra-fine powders. MineralBoost is designed to disperse in the animal’s rumen within minutes of ingestion. Macro minerals in powder form have disadvantages for blending, delivery and consumption. Powders tend to segregate and are often unpalatable to animals. Granulation overcomes these issues by providing a uniform, easy to handle granule that mixes well through feed and is highly palatable.

By using MineralBoost you will benefit from greater accuracy of delivery each and every feed. Simple to measure and blend by your feed company or on farm yourself. Less segregation in feed trucks, silos and feed systems. Highly palatable means no feed reluctance.

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How do I order?

MineralBoost can be added to your animal feed by your feed company or supplied by your rural merchant in 1 tonne or 25 kilogramme bags for use on farm. All products have a simple recommended feed rate of 200 grams per cow per day for an average dairy cow on a typical feed ration containing pasture and supplementary feed. This may be increased for higher yielding cows or amended for specific diets.

We would be happy to discuss MineralBoost and answer any questions you may have. Please contact the MineralBoost team on 0800 466 736, complete the Enquiry Form or contact your local Technical Representative.

Our Products

As well as the macro minerals calcium, magnesium and sodium contained within each MineralBoost granule a full product range is available which includes Rumensin®, Bovatec®, zinc oxide, phosphorus and organic trace elements in the form of Bioplex® High Five.

We use MineralBoost Zinc for all of our dairy cows and young stock because it's easy, safe and cost-effective. We have the peace of mind our cows are protected against facial eczema in a typical season.

Nicky McBeth

Waikato Dairy Farmer and Vet

Why choose us?

We understand the need to be cost conscious while maintaining the health of your cows. That is why we have developed a product that reduces waste, increases palatability, is easy to handle, blend and measure into feed. MineralBoost underwrites the health and productivity of animals with much less time and effort than previous methods.

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One product added to feed provides the multiple minerals, treatments and medications cattle need. Product variants are available for every season and most management requirements. Having your feed company add MineralBoost, is easy and accurate for them and visible to you in the feed. Product colour coding adds further security.

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MineralBoost only contains high quality ingredients from reputable supply companies which are fully tested and traceable by batch. Every batch of MineralBoost is independently lab tested for mineral content, dissolution profile and is fully traceable by batch number before being released to market. MineralBoost granules do not contain magnesium oxide.

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MineralBoost is an all-in-one granular form. Granules suffer less segregation during feed blending, transport and delivery through in-shed feeding systems. Having salt in each granule mean animals seek them out and eat all their ration, less waste is also experienced.

Our promise to farmers

We will seek to simplify and de-risk the way you mineralise your animals. We will always be there if you need us for advice and trouble-shooting. MineralBoost will be of the highest quality standard, be cost effective and widely available.

Give us a call, we will visit you when suits and within 10 minutes we will have a solution that works for you.


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