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What is MineralBoost?

MineralBoost is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium and sodium and other feed additives as required. Designed to be added to animal feed offering advanced simplicity, safety and accuracy.

What are the benefits of the rumen dispersible granule?

Granules contain exact ratios of the designed ingredient. Offer simplicity and accuracy for measuring and handling, less segregation from feed, less waste and dust. MineralBoost granules dispersing into super-fine bio-available powder once inside the rumen.

What MineralBoost options are available?

The MineralBoost range is comprised of: Classic, Hi-Mag, Rumensin, Bovatec, Max, Plus, Zinc and the Pre-Calve Blend. Please refer to the Solutions Page for more information on which product is best suited to your requirements.

What is the difference between MineralBoost Rumensin and MineralBoost Bovatec?

There is a diversity of opinion amongst dairy farmers as to which ionophore they prefer. Therefore, we offer both options. Both Elanco and Zoetis have done extensive research on their respective products and we can provide that information where required.

Why is the dose rate constantly 200 grams when we are feeding cows at different feed rates?

200 grams is based on average NZ cow sizes (450 to 500 kg) and diets. Alternative rates should be discussed based on specific situations such as highly productive or larger cows.

Is it a 200 grams dose rate for MineralBoost Zinc also?

Yes, 200 grams of MineralBoost Zinc for a 450 kg cow. It pays to check cow weights prior to using MineralBoost Zinc or any other zinc treatment. Cows during summer are normally a little lighter. If your cows average more than 475 kg we suggest you talk to your advisor as to an appropriate dose rate.

If I am feeding 2 kg of finished feed including MineralBoost, can I double the feed rate to 4 kg if I feel my stock need extra feed?

It is recommended that customers seek advice from their nutrition advisor before altering feed rates within a ration that includes any additive. Yes, for most MineralBoost formulations (not MineralBoost Zinc) it is safe or a few days (1 to 5). No more than double however.

Where is the product made?

MineralBoost is manufactured in the Waikato and sent to Mt Maunganui for stringent QA testing before being released to market.

MineralBoost degrades very fast when near moisture, does this mean the product needs to be stored differently?

Even though the MineralBoost bags are laminated, it is recommended that MineralBoost is stored in a dry area and off the ground, completely away from moisture.

Is MineralBoost available in bulk?

No, to avoid any contamination or degradation risk. MineralBoost is available in batch traced 25 kg and 1 tonne bulk bags or bulk blended into your feed by your supplier.

Where can I get MineralBoost?

MineralBoost is available from most rural retailers in either 25 kg or 1 tonne bulk bags. MineralBoost is also available to be blended into feed rations through most feed suppliers. Call 0800 466 736 for more information or contact us via email.

What sort of quality assurance process is in place?

MineralBoost includes only premium ingredients from reputable suppliers. MineralBoost is routinely tested for heavy metals, mineral content, dispersion qualities and traceable by batch number.

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