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Summer Heat Stress

Heat stress occurs when an animal's heat load is greater than its capacity to lose heat. Cows feel hot sooner than we do. High air temperature, humidity, solar radiation and low air movement contribute to increased risk. Symptoms include increased water intake, reduced feed intake, reducing milk production. Sodium within the MineralBoost range will help hold sodium levels in the cow during higher water intake, allowing for better hydration and heat stress resilience.

MineralBoost CLASSIC

MineralBoost Classic is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium and sodium.

MineralBoost has been specifically designed to overcome well known mineral deficiencies of supplementary feed and therefore maximise the nutritional value of your PKE, meal blends, silages and grain feeds – enabling you to turn good feed into great feed.


Down Cows | Early Lactation | Milk Fever | Production Gains | Sodium Deficiency | Summer Heat Stress

MineralBoost ZINC

MineralBoost Zinc has been specifically designed and registered as an Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicine (ACVM) for the prevention of facial eczema in cows.

MineralBoost Zinc is a rumen dispersible granule containing zinc oxide for the prevention of facial eczema. MineralBoost Zinc has the added benefits of calcium, magnesium and sodium, all key minerals for production, feed efficiency and heat stress commonly seen in dairy cows over the summer months.


Facial Eczema | Lameness | Summer Heat Stress


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