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Finish the FE Season Strong

It is important to finish the season strong. Your herd has been producing all season and has dealt with a particularly severe facial eczema period. The addition of zinc into their diet, while extremely important to help reduce facial eczema issues, does take a toll on cows. It is now important to provide a boost with supplementation of important macro and trace minerals in their diet.

Continued use of high dose zinc over a prolonged period can reduce copper intake in animals. Coupled with farmers lifting supplementary feed intake when grass is in short supply, this can reduce overall trace mineral intake. Having adequate trace minerals in the cow's system is especially important to a successful upcoming mating, as well as enhanced immunity to prevent mastitis, metritis etc. The goal is to get more cows in calf in the first 6 weeks whilst increasing herd health and avoid production hits due to illness.

MineralBoost Plus has Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and added Phosphorus plus a trace mineral pack. This consists of organically bound Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine and Selenium. MineralBoost Plus with its added Phosphorus is perfect for farmers that are feeding  a low phosphorus diet e.g. inclusion of fodder beet.

MineralBoost Max has no Phosphorus but does have Rumensin in the granule. This product helps reduce instances of Ketosis and lifts dietary intake and production.

MineralBoost Plus and MineralBoost Max are two key products that will provide your herd with both important macro and trace minerals in one rumen dispersible granule. Providing you a safe, accurate and simple way to balance minerals in your herd. Simply ask for it to be added to your stockfeed from all leading companies or contact your merchant to get it delivered on farm.


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