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Staying Focused this Facial Eczema Season

It has been a tough season - keep focused.

Lately, spore counts have been exceptionally high, so don’t lose focus:

  • Keep up zinc dosing for as long as there is a possibility of high spore counts – stopping too soon carries more risk than continuing unnecessarily
  • Dry stock are at risk – water intake will be insufficient if dosing zinc via water so boluses (zinc ‘bullets’) are a good option
  • Be wary of overdose
  • Standard dose rate is 2.1g elemental Zinc/100kg liveweight
  • Crisis dose rate is 3.2g elemental Zinc/100kg liveweight (only in emergency)
  • MineralBoost Zinc via supplementary feed is an easy way to get zinc into your cows – 200g per cow per day (450kg liveweight)
  • Zinc can impede uptake of calcium from the diet – too much zinc can cause milk fever
  • MineralBoost Zinc is not just zinc, it also contains calcium, magnesium and sodium
  • Avoid giving copper as this can stop zinc absorption by the cow (unless the copper is chelated or ‘organic’)

Gribbles's facial eczema reports are available here:

As always, if you have any questions or need advice, contact your local MineralBoost consultant.  


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